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Moonlight Night Kayaking

Paddle Under the Waxing Moon on this Unforgettable Kayak Adventure.

Quick Details

Ocean Kayak One Ticket Per Person
Clear Kayak One Ticket Per Person

Spend the Evening Kayaking Salt River Bay under the Waxing Moon!

Want to experience St. Croix night kayaking? With our moonlit kayaking adventure, you’ll get to marvel at the new moon as it waxes over Salt River Bay.

Each month following the new moon, the moon begins its waxing phase and bathes the night sky in its soft glowing light. And while the moon’s brightness darkens our viewing of bioluminescent organisms, it also brings to life the nighttime beauty of Salt River Bay!

During your trip, your guide will tell you all about the Salt River’s fascinating ecology and diverse history while you explore inlets and small bays, looking for nocturnal herons and other nightlife along the mangrove-covered shores! What better way to experience a part of St. Croix that most never get to behold?

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This excursion begins at Bush Tribe’s launch site near Columbus Landing.