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Hike to the Tide Pools

Take a hike to the serene tidal pools of Annaly Bay in St. Croix.

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Hike to the Annaly Bay Tide Pools

Experience the dense jungle rainforest of St. Croix on this memorable hike! This is our most popular hike, not just because of the destination, but also because of the trail itself and the beautiful views along the way!

Your guide will point out various types of plant life, insects and creatures, and will provide information on the geology and rich history of the area. Upon reaching the beautiful Annaly Bay tide pools, you can take a relaxing dip in their calming waters (max depth: six feet) with the small fish and juvenile marine creatures that call the tide pools home.

This hike’s difficulty is calculated as “moderately strenuous” based on 350 feet of maximum elevation, a roundtrip distance of five miles and a trail that involves rock scrambling, water crossing, and other challenging terrains. On average, we hike 45 minutes into the tide pools and then 45 minutes back.

Book your St. Croix hiking adventure to the Annaly Bay tide pools online.

The Tide Pools hike meets at the Renaissance Carambola Resort on the North Shore of St. Croix at 8:30 a.m. and we return to the parking lot between noon and 12:30 p.m.