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Eco Adventures

St.Croix, US Virgin Islands

Experience Cruzan ecology. Learn Crucian history.

Want to discover the natural beauty of St. Croix? BushTribe encourages people of all ages to get outside, share stories, engage in educational dialogue, and ignite the spirit of adventure through nature. Join our knowledgeable guides on an unforgettable kayaking trip through the bioluminescent waters of Salt River Bay. Enjoy a morning hike to the tide pools on the north shore or explore the goat hills in the east. Each of our tours offers a unique look at the ecology of Saint Croix in a fun and educational manner.

While we’re in the bush, be sure to ask your guide about the BushTribe trivia challenge – a game we play to keep our minds working while we explore the less traveled paths and waters of Saint Croix. Score points based on how much you know about local Cruzan history and ecology, and if you win you’ll be going home with more than just bragging rights!