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Our Guides

Meet the BushTribe Eco Adventures Team

Travis McRae

Travis arrived on St. Croix in the fall of 2008 in search of adventure and new experiences. Born and raised in Idaho, he has a background in agricultural and has been involved with numerous outdoor and recreational activities throughout the years. Upon arrival to STX, Travis lived the sailboat lifestyle and became part of local after school programs and summer camps. He is passionate about all aspects of St. Croix, which makes him a knowledgeable and personable guide. Travis enjoys sharing what he has learned with guests on the BushTribe tours!

Ty McRae

Originally from the farm lands of Idaho, Ty arrived on the island in 2008. After acquiring his degrees in Environmental Science and Geographic Information Systems, he made the move to St. Croix where he specialized in outdoor education. With a strong focus on children’s outreach programs, he got involved with the Boys and Girls club, Summer Camps, and local after school programs. His high energy and enthusiasm make him a fun and knowledgeable guide.

Chris Kierstead

Chris used to live in the concrete jungles of New York and Chicago, but now has found his true home in the rain forest and coral reefs of St. Croix. He is a born leader and avid adventurer, and seeks out fun and excitement for everyone who goes exploring with him. Chris is often recruited by environmental organizations to assist with scientific research and resource management projects. He spends his Saturday mornings at Salt River training BushTribe’s youngest guide, two year old Noah Daniel.

JD Killoran

More often called Bison, JD is an experienced wilderness guide, unrivaled storyteller, and above all, an educator. He always sees potential in budding leaders, and spent many years running a CIT (counselor in training) program. When he’s not spinning fire or exhaling fireballs, you can find the Bison exploring St. Croix’s beautiful terrain or kayaking in Salt River Bay.

Leah Santini

Leah arrived on island in 2014 to work with Bushtribe. She has a degree in Parks and Recreation Management from UNCW, as well as 1 million various safety and medical certifications. She has been a wilderness guide for seventeen years, leading activities that include kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, snowshoeing and whitewater rafting. If you’re looking for Leah and can’t find her, she’s probably underwater bonding with moray eels.

Malakai (Guide in Training)

Malakai, aka Captain Mal, has an affinity for ocean adventures and exploring the island. He’s always smiling and ready to go!