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Late Night Bioluminescent Kayak Trip

Venture out into the darkness to discover the beauty of nature’s glowing organisms!

Quick Details

Ocean Kayak - Per Person Ticket Recommended for beginners | Priced per seat (each Kayak holds two individuals)
Clear Kayak - Per Person ticket Not Recommended for Beginners (each Kayak holds two individuals)

Venture out into the darkness to discover the beauty of nature’s glowing organisms in our Bioluminescent Kayak Trip at Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands!


Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon wherein living organisms emitting light, and several species are on display year round in Salt River Bay: Dinoflagellates (single-cell plankton), ctenaphores (AKA comb jellies), Bermuda Fireworms to name a few.

On this tour, we kayak 1km east to Bio Bay to observe the “super glow” Dinoflagellate habitat. You will also explore other nearby spots searching for other bioluminescent species. Along the way, your guide will fill you in on all the local ecology, history, and spiritual mysteries of Salt River.

In order to observe these creatures we need complete darkness without any interference from moonlight. So our calendar is dictated by the moon cycle, with the waning phase being the most ideal because the moon rise occurs well after sunset. Nights with small waxing crescents (🌙<20%) are also viable. The LATE NIGHT tour has a slightly different calendar because of the later departure time.