Green Cay Adventure

Book a group tour of the Green Cay Island and discover it many interesting creatures.

Quick Details

Explore Green Cay Island with a Group of Friends

Green Cay Island is a 14 acre wildlife refuge set aside to protect the beautiful and rare wildlife that live there.

Discover the diverse 14 acre wildlife refuge ecosystem of Green Cay’s iguana-filled red mangroves and see the wide variety of unique creatures that inhabit the marina. We’ll explore the mangroves then kayak on the north side of Green Cay Island in the open-water where Sea Turtles are abundant! You’ll even have the chance to see these marine reptiles while they come to the surface to refill their large lungs.

Please note that the Green Cay Adventure is only available as a group package.

  • Chevron down Group Package Rate Information
    • One group package is the full price of the trip.
    • Two trips consist of the full price on the first day with the second day being $10 off for each guest.
    • Three trips consist of the first 2 trips at full price with the third day being 50% off the total cost.
    • A prepayment or deposit is required for all multi-day packages and the excursions must take place within a 2-week period.